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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Today is Boyfriend's birthday!!

Today is Boyfriend's birthday.
We bought him two milk chocolate candy bars. One box of Andes. One box of Anne's chocolate covered cherries.

Yes, he is on a diet.

For Thanksgiving, I had to make a ham AND a turkey. (kid wanted turkey, boyfriend only likes ham)

No problem....

I turned on the potatoes to boil on the back burner. Except I actually turned on the front burner. And left a pot lid on it.
(Dont judge-I have those electric coils that you can't tell which one is lit. Unless you read which dial you're turning. And I was stressed, ok?)
So I went back to check on the very cold potatoes twenty minutes later. And discovered I'd been heating up the stove on the front burner w/ a lid on it to trap in all that extra heat for 20 minutes.

Turning the stove... Black.

The next night, I made Swedish Apple Pie. (And it is fucking DELICIOUS. Except I don't actually eat that. So I just take everyone's word for it.)

I left the plastic mixing bowl on top of the stove while the apple pie was burning.

So some yellow plastic was burned onto a different coil burner this time.
And my mixing bowl is now gone.

My father being here has been horrific.
Boyfriend complained for the first 3 days about the heater being on so high all day long and how he's a "prisoner" in his own room 24-7 because he cant bear to come out into the sauna. (Yeah, my dad gets migraines in the cold)

Then my dad borrowed the car. And rolled down the window. The window that cannot be rolled down. So first Boyfriend bitched to me about how I'M gonna hafta come up w/ the $400 to fix the rotor HE broke.

Then the men fixed it. Together.

My father's stuff is everywhere.
It's invading every crevice.

And I had no idea how much dirty dishes one person could create.

And my father bought a table & chairs for us from Kmart for Thanksgiving. Because he didn't want to eat on the floor again.

Boyfriend was not thankful.
It wasn't the dining set he'd imagined.
But a folding table & chairs is better than nothing.

I'm thankful I have a job. To escape to. Even tho I deal w/ crazies there too. I'm still new enuf that my coworkers who've been there longer hafta deal w/ it all.
And I get to come home and deal w/ the madness here.

We have two new gorgeous guinea pig babies. Lily & Deb. Pix to come.

Boyfriend's sneaking up on me now to see what all the typin's about.



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