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Sunday, November 22, 2009

I hate tears

We're giving back the ferret tonight that we bought earlier in the week.
Apparently, ferrets STINK. Who knew? Oohhh right... my parents mentioned it.
Peanut will be forever missed. He is insane and out of control and loving and hyper and playful and adorable.
He IS the animal version of my daughter.
Thank goodness, next weekend Peanut will be replaced with guinea pigs. A lady a mile away has a litter of guinea babies and we'll be visiting her shortly.

The responsibility of an animal? Priceless.

Apparently, I love to be tortured animals and the infinite piles of poo joys of caring for them.

My boyfriend has stated that we'll be cleaning the house meticulously tonight. Like top to bottom. Especially vacuuming and sweeping and mopping.
Went like this:
Me: But we don't have a mop.
Boyfriend: Then we'll need to get on the floor and clean by hand.
Me: When you say "we"......
Boyfriend: We'll do it together.
Me: But you haven't cleaned ONCE since we've moved in.
Boyfriend: This really needs to get done. The ferret has stunk the place up.
Me: Once again... Who exactly is "WE"???
Boyfriend: TOGETHER baby.

I truly think he thinks that by "directing" me to do something, he's somehow fucking participated.
I will never understand how men think they don't need to clean ANYTHING at all. (I pray if I ever have a son, I don't force him to be my servant so that he won't end up like all the other men in the world.) My father is coming on Monday to visit. Yay.

Kid told boyfriend today "How come my mom ONLY dates guys who have no brothers or sisters and who's dads have died?"

This next part was at the top, but i put it at the bottom. Read if you wish. It's just so lovely to vent sometimes.

My dad sent me a link to a "news story" basically about a 10 year old, out of control 5th grader, who gets tased by a cop. And it makes my heart so sad. And I know exactly how that mother feels. I KNOW. I know how she felt when FOR HOURS her child screamed and kicked and hollered and attacked. God, I know. I won't post the link here. It just basically says the cop came and the kid did the same to him so he tased her and then she behaved. The mom called the cops herself. Fyi, I have the phone number to my local police posted by mirror. For this same situation. Where I cry and look at the paper and pray to God asking what to do.
There MUST be like a support group. I HAVE the books. And I know we're not alone. It's just SO hard to go thru it. And not everyone is blessed enough to gain advice and help. My heart absolutely breaks for that mom.

But anyway, MY monster is doing pretty wonderful. Pretty wonderful. Communication combined with discipline is probably the key. Patience is also, but I've had bucket truck landmine-loads of that for years. And not discipline like spanking. Discipline like planned out EVERYTHING. We have plans for how to get up, what to do when getting up, what to do afterward, .... what to do when to get home... even what to do when wanting to play or wanting to go online. And we have these plans written out for regular days and holiday/weekends as well.

When I had my baby, I thought the 2 of us would be free spirits, coming and going as we pleased.... Who knew that I'd have the baby who couldn't handle being anything NEAR a free spirit.


Coachdad said...

Just so you know, there are some men who do have clean. No choice, though... I can't get an 11, 8, 6, or 5-year-old girl to help too much. I love your blog by the way. Became of follower recently and will continue to come back.

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