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Sunday, November 15, 2009

My milkshake brings all the cops to the yard

So, Lots of fun things have been going on.

I did get a new job, and have been working hard there.
I'm struggling to get to know everyone and not F&#k up because everyone else there seems to be annoyingly perfectionistic flawless.
They didn't TELL me I'd need a car to do their evil bidding/run errands like a bitch get occassional supplies for the office... I was plannin on bussin' it everyday... So we were forced to finally bow down to the man and hand over our life savings get car insurance.
OH, and then Boyfriend got laid off at Hell work. And then the state sent him a letter saying they're really gonna fuck him his disability is getting cancelled as well.
OH, and then my TB test came out negative, meaning I have a horrible, deadly communicable disease and am gonna get fired to get a chest x-ray on Tuesday.
OH, and then child threw a tantrum on Friday night. And the noisy, stomping, screaming, good for nothing neighbors called the cops.
And then the child told the cops that a few weeks ago, during another tantrum, we pushed her and she hit her head
(Dont fkng judge. You don't know what happened, You aren't there when Kid throws herself around like the Exorcist).
Boyfriend and I are upset. Boyfriend was slightly more upset than me. Ok, boyfriend was beside himself.

 Boyfriend's stepdad has been in prison for over a decade for murder after his girl friend's kid died under his care. And stepdad supposedly did NOT kill the kid. Even took him to the e.r......

I can only imagine boyfriend saw himself getting anally raped going to prison forever, all because he was unfortunate enough to get involved with a psychopath like myself who comes with her own junior psychopath Kid throws herself around like a maniac and beats us up during tantrums. The female cop advised boyfriend that she can't arrest kid for beating us up until she turns 13. At 13, if kid is still doing this, I'll probably end up going to the hospital. Kid has got STRENGTH.

So we've got MAJOR kid control goin on now.

OH, P.S. The tantrum started cuz Kid thinks she doesn't hafta tell us where she's playing at, and that it's perfectly o.k. to play with boys (even tho boyfriend caught one of said boys smokin the ganja a few months ago).

OH, and I AM nervous about Child Protective Services. And having to take time off of work to deal with this stuff. I hafta get Kid into counseling like THIS WEEK. I imagine my conversation at work will go something like this:
Oh Hi New Boss. I hafta take off the afternoon tomorrow. I know I have TB. And haven't fully learned my job yet, so someone else is still doing double-duty. But the state thinks I beat my kid, so I need to go plead/prove that she still belongs in my home where she beats me up for an hour or two if she doesnt get her way.

Boyfriend needs to get a job so we can pay our bills.... And buy Christmas presents...
Kid has been obnoxiously bugging asking recently for a hamster, which then transformed into a guinea pig. Boyfriend became o.k. with the guinea pig idea. But then went to Petco (while he was spending time alone trying to figure out if he would kill himself how to deal with kid now) and discovered that he'd prefer if Kid got a FERRET instead of a guinea pig. My dad however, has been advising Kid that ferrets piss everywhere. As if Kid CARES about piss she's never gonna clean up??????
So today ALL of us are goin to Petco to look at the ferrets/ guinea pigs, and decide which one Kid will get for Christmas.
With our multi single income.

Lots more fun stuff has happened. But this is long enough and detailed enough. It's obvious we just need prayer and wine and time.

Kid is doing wonderful. She is back on her meds. We will see how the next few weeks go. She understands she's not a wild dog and can't just go outside and play willy-nilly where we don't know where she is.


Anonymous said...

That is a lot to deal with.

Darcy said...

lol! love the cross out of ur bf teen book choices. hilarious!

Anonymous said...

You definitely have your hands full but you can manage this. YOU are the one with strength.

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