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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Inmates save deputy's life

I don't know why it brings tears to my eyes.

Maybe because when I dated a former convict, who did go back to prison, and I visited him for 2 years, and then married him when he got out, I received LOTS of criticism.

What really needs to be criticized in today's world is our justice system.
Some of these people need to be locked up, away from being able to harm others.

And some of them... some of them will save your life.

Not all criminals have no moral compass.

every time a criminal is caught, he as already done that crime a minimum of THREE times!!


Lisa Kate said...

This is a really touching story. No matter how "horrible" people think those in jail are, they still have hearts. I hope that they get a lesser sentence or at least some sort of recognition for this.

Did you notice the man who attacked him had the least offensive charges on him? It really shows that people are more than what you see on the outside.

Thanks for posting this, it was really eye opening!

Anonymous said...

They still had a sense of fairness, of right and wrong.

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