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Monday, November 2, 2009

Facebook & Fred Meyers

Sooo the boyfriend's job is like an outsourced company that answers Sprint customer service calls.... But they suck. They did their shit wrong. The turnover rate is like 80% or something.

So Sprint's probably going to shut it down.

Do we know what that means??? It means our late rent is going to turn into NO rent.

In the meantime.... boyfriend's not happy. Plus, while he's still there, he gets all Sprint's VERY ANGRY customer calls.
Can I say it's Sprint, since I don't actually work there? Or should I say "shall-remain-nameless-suck-ass-phone-company" ?
Truth be told I've heard bad words about T-Mobile, ATT, Verizon, & Sprint. Soo.... try Boost?

Last night, I was annoyed because he states that we're going to pay rent late (incurring $75 fee) because payday isnt till end of week and the car payment has to go in first.

Why? Because the car is in his bitch ass motherfucking piece of shit worthless blood sucking mother's name also. And she'll "tow" the car if it's not paid on time. She won't HELP and loan us money till the end of the week.

(Update: MY mom is going to give us the money to help us out. AGAIN. even though she's a single gal tryin to live on her own. AGAIN she's helping me. I probably owe that bitch like 4 grand. Know how much we owe boyfriend's mom?? NADA. Cuz she's a cunt who won't loan us money for 3 fukin days! Seriously. This is $150 we're talking about. That bitch is NOT invited to my wedding.)
I decided I am not wrong in determining I am not going to have that woman in my life ever. So I rolled over, angry, refusing to "talk" anymore.

Boyfriend said: "You are mean."

Apparently he's still in 2nd grade. And it cut deep.

So today I've sent out 3-4 more resumes (even though what I'd like to be doing is getting pregnant and cooking & scrapbooking) and I'm currently in the Fred Meyer site trying to apply. Although it's kicked me out 3 times so far, so apparently it's an omen.

Facebook's annoying me. I think their games are getting more popular, so trying to play is an exercise in patiently reloading over & over. Boyfriend thinks it's lame I go on Facebook to reconnect with old friends grow crops, decorate houses and grow fish. Recently TWO different people called my living room in Yoville a porn pad!! Personally, I think it's my retro 70's glasses.

Boyfriend also is currently upset I'm not studying up on Arcane Legions so I can actually play with him, so boyfriend's credibility is nil.

And now I'm tryin to remember if I posted pix of my little arguing spawn pixie.

I'm a good mom so there she is. In all her sugar glory. She's separating out the candy she's keeping for herself and the candy she's giving to my boyfriend. Guess which pile is hers?

Please God Let me get a job!


Coachdad said...

I don't quite get the facebook games... All my friends love Farmville. It drives me nuts. I like your blog!

Anonymous said...

Can I post now??? Fingers crossed...

Anonymous said...

WOO HOO!!!! I'm in!

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