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Monday, November 23, 2009

New News

Hoo-Ray for us: My daddy's getting picked up from the airport, as I type!!
(NO I am not picking him up Silly. I do not go over bridges. They were not made by God. God does not intend for me to traverse over his great plains of water. I try not to defy God more than I already have.)

(edited note: Boyfriend just called me to say there is NO bridge from Beaverton to PDX. I don't believe him. He thinks he can trick me.)

On Wednesday, We are going to look at/pick up some new babies for the house!!!!
This is one of the possible future inmates family members!!

She's KILLIN us over the pix, its so hilarious! She looks like a lil mop or something!
LOL She looks like a CARTOON!!

Except for all the obvious, things are going GREAT.

BTW, me and my master-chef skills shall be making Thanksgiving feast.

Ham. AND. Turkey.
Because Boyfriend doesn't eat turkey.
And Child HAS TO HAVE turkey on thanksgiving.
(Let's hope I don't burn anything)


GardenDesigner said...

Hey! Where did you go? Its a new year so be happy!!! LOL


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