Hi Peeps! Spread Positivity!! :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Reasons Portland aint so grand....

I know my hatred for bridges does bias my opinion a teeny bit, here in the "City of Bridges".

However, tonight, as I tried to ride the train across a bridge to see my daughter in the hospital, I had a panic attack, and had to turn around and go home....
I discovered... Tri-Met... Portland's public transit...
So normal from the outside.
No wonder it's so much cheaper than CA's Metro....
On the inside... Like this:
Except drunk and disorderly.
Or dealing drugs.
Or vomiting or urinating.

Makes going over the bridges.... Fun?

Here's kid in the 1st E.R.
And here's view from first hospital:
Which weirds me out.
When my dad was in the god-forsaken hospital built on a hill overlooking the river (here in Portland),
this was the view:
But they took excellent care of him....

Here's an update on my piggies:
They're loud.
They have terrible behavior.
I don't even think they like eachother.
It's like family...

And finally, back in December (?) we had snow for about 4 hours here.
I got stranded at work, did I mention this?

Yeah... that charming little corolla.... would NOT move once hitting the mean icy streets of PDX...

My boss recommends I find an apothecary and get a tincture to help my anxiety for crossing bridges.

I've ALMOST finished my rug...

I MADE that shit.

Oh.... And I've become a full-on vegetarian... But I doubt I'm gonna lose any weight over it.

Love you guys!

Friday, February 26, 2010

No Awards here

Well, the crazy news is: child has entered an inpatient psych hospital.

I keep saying it's the best thing and that we FINALLY got her help.

Of course, I cried a lot tonight. She kicked me out of visiting her.
I hafta drive over bridges to see her, thru an hour's worth of traffic.

I know that doesn't mean a lot to an 11 year old.

She just wanted to get back to the kids to watch Barnyard.

She demands I come all the time, but insults living with me. (I'm "mean". It's so laughable. She gets away with everything, just because she's such a tyrant and everything MUST end up her way. She TOTALLY is like the Queen of Hearts. I'M Alice.)

I know it's not personal.

I hope everything turns out okay.
It's just hard to see lights at ends of tunnels.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy P Day

My bf sent me an email to work of hilarious pix like the one above.

My direct supervisor picked out the one above and sent it back to me with the title:
"This is SOO YOU"

Everytime I look at it, I can't stop laughing.

Laughing is a rarity these days.

Child has turned into serious split personality. I can't even say bad things today because today's personality was the good child.
I can only pray the doctors will catch on and get her the help she needs.
Local law enforcement only encouraged "physical discipline".
It's not that I don't want to beat "physically discipline" my child... It's that it's ineffective.
I'm relying on prayer.
My dad bought/mailed us 3 books about children with defiance problems, etc.
Boyfriend read all 3.
Much to boyfriend's dismay, we already DO all the techniques in all 3 books.
Why don't the techniques work?

Try to be happy.
Spread positivity.
Don't eat meat.