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Friday, November 20, 2009

How to get your 11-year old to make her own sandwich

Steps to tricking your junior high spawn to making their very own sandwich

1. Make them a tuna sandwich.

2. Put leftover tuna salad into fridge.

3. Announce to boyfriend (whom child despises) that there is leftover tuna in fridge for his lunch.

4. Leave house for 30 min to carpool to work.

5. Boyfriend returns home to tuna salad dish in sink with bread bag open on counter.

6. Ask Child what happened to tuna/ Did she enjoy her 2nd tuna sandwich?

7. Have wide-eyed child proclaim vigorously that she DID NOT ever "eat" the leftover tuna. (Will never admit to not "stealing" or "taking" tuna)


For my next trick, I will leave some vacuuming for Boyfriend to do.


Anonymous said...

If they want what they want, that's how to make them do it themselves :)

Knucklehead said...

You know, that's pretty darn clever. Good luck with the vacuuming thing. That one might be a bit tougher.

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