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Thursday, November 5, 2009

This is why I rock

I've been stressed, and have therefore taken up at least one of my old crafty ways: Scrapbooking.

Boyfriend says he doesn't know anyone who scrapbooks, he thought only old maids did that.
However, he says it laughing and says I'm so cute.
I say I don't know anyone who scrapbooks either, but everyone's just hella jealous. They wish they had awesome pic books like me.

Fuck, it beats doing drugs.

On a more awesome note:
A few weeks ago, I discovered, whilst looking thru my sent emails, that at least HALF of the job listings I was responding to.... I had forgotten to attach my resume.

I didn't tell anyone. I just started to pay WAY MORE attention.

Yeah, soooo yesterday, I let the child borrow my phone because she had a school party afterschool and I wanted her to have a phone in case of emergency...
I realized (after calling her to tell her where we were parked) that...

I have no voicemail set up.

That's right. In case you needed to call me and set up an interview for my non-resumed application? Or hire me for one of those awful interviews I did go on???

Yeah. You couldn't have reached me anyway.

I'm not a huge idiot (apparently I actually am), but when I changed my phone number a few months ago to have an Oregon area code, my voicemail was wiped out at that time.

Boyfriend wasn't happy.
He left me my first voicemail.
It went something like this:

Hi there! This is a prospective employer calling to offer you a position. But since you have no voicemail, and we have no way of reaching you, we're gonna go ahead and offer that job to someone else. Better luck next time! Dumbass.

I'm not sure what's going on. I feel so dumb. I mean when I discovered I had no voicemail, I told boyfriend, who said Yeah... I know. But he hadn't put 2 and 2 together. So I blamed him.
I'm normally not this absent minded.

I learned a long time ago, Relapse is actually the set of behaviors you exhibit (your addict behaviors) right before you actually use again.
I'm starting to worry that this is my relapse. I think about using a lot. When I used, I would make the stupidest mistakes. I know I'm not low enough to use at this point. And I know I wouldn't ruin my relationship for it again. But someone needs to tell my mind and body to get fuckin with it.

This is why I moved to Oregon.


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Good decision about Oregon.

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