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Thursday, October 29, 2009


I used to love Halloween. When I was a child, my father was southern baptist pastor, I wasn't allowed to watch secular cartoons or go trick or treating. Erego, as an adult, I fell in love with Halloween!!!!

My ex-husband and I half planned an elaborate Halloween dress-up wedding. Then he dragged me to the county clerk becuz I was too psychotic about getting everything planned on time.

Before he left us, Hallowed Eve 2007, we dressed up kid in 3 different costumes. Yes, 3. My child isn't spoiled or anything. But at least she was 9 and could appreciate it! When else is it appropriate to have costume changes?? (Besides maybe you're wedding, and Halloween is as fabulous as a wedding, but annual!!!)

But in '08 he left us in August, and we were basically homeless in October. Kid dressed up as Sharpay from HSM and I was at work. Extended family took her to get her sugar rush.

This year, I haven't been feelin it. I've been just so angry as this was always OUR favorite holiday. The ex-husb and I even painted our whole house red & black and vampire themed. And that was for year-round!!!

I guess boyfriend's always carved pumpkins, so we knew we were gonna do that, and I really wanted to give Kid a normal experience. So we bought pumpkins and carved them. Kid carved about 2 inches worth of the design and gave up. I carved it for her. It was my first carving experience!!! I did AWESOME!! I did Zero. Boyfriend did Jolly Roger or something like that.

AND I get to be all Martha Stewart and bake pumpkin seeds because boyfriend eats anything edible, so that will get to be his snack tomorrow!!!

Yesterday, boyfriend annoyed me to talk to him (He hates when i'm "quiet")... Shortly after I started talking to him... He announced I was


NOT a sexual comment. He was actually stating that I was obnoxiously bothering him to the point that his inner dragon was AWAKENING!!

Later in bed:
Boyfriend: How are we gonna split the monies when you get a job?

Me: You'll pay all the bills, and whatever you can't afford, I'll pay.

Boyfriend: That's not fair... wait for it... cuz I might need spending money sometimes.
Me: What for?
Boyfriend: Cuz what if I want to....wait for it... buy a GAME or something?





I love my gamer.

I wish I could be vegetarian. I fucking wish. I swear y'all I'm trying. I swear.

Nat's Nest wrote a blog with a post to CNN's article on MEAT. Go fucking read it.

Then send me your vegetarian recipes that my kid might actually eat.

I can't remember anything else to write.

I used to be smart. OH YEAH, I found my best friend from college (I only went one year before I dropped out and got knocked up) on facebook, and she & I had a grand ole time remembering the old days... And she reminded me: I DID used to be smart.
Here's a pic of us. Drinking. At a Halloween party!!! LOOOVE halloween!
But I'm determined to re-do this blog site so that the angles aren't all jenky.
I have to write up the dimensions, I know.
But someday, you'll see, It'll be allllll purtyful here!!!!
So dress up and smile your best. Spook someone. Let a spider live free. Watch the Addams Family.
Enjoy Halloween!!


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