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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursdays tend to suck

O.k., once again, i seem to have made my boyfriend become a despondent, meloncholy nuisance because I am being mean and angry and he deserves it.

I think this is at least the 2nd Thursday in a row this has happened.

He doesn't tell his family about me. This hurts my feelings. What.. I'm supposed to meet them at the wedding?? Are we HAVING a wedding? They don't approve of me?

How am I supposed to be NICE with all the above??

So I am stuck with no job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't even have the desire to have friends (he has tons). I can only hope that Adsense through Google eventually does give me some dollars each month?
Yes? Has this happened to anyone else??

Next week I will finally get my cord to my camera so I can upload real photos.

In the meantime, I hafta find a way to make bits of money.......

***cue devious music***


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