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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

To hell with Wordless Wednesdays + Haikus!

The bf asked me to scratch his back "HARD" last nite. I totally did! But ... I kinda said EW EW EW the whole time.... I dont want his nastyass skin cells under my perfectly designed fingernails...
I kid I kid. As if I could afford to have these kindof nails?? But then the bf was all How come you treat me like a 2nd rate citizen all the time? As if I'm so dirty that you can't even scratch me without getting grossed out?

Ummm P.S. .. that kinda came after.... he found out... I'd kinda thrown away some of his stuff... And I had to help him dig it out of the trash can.... He kept saying things like How COULD you throw away my LIMITED EDITION Army of Darkness DVD???? and I paid THIRTY FIVE dollars for this!! (This being a glass pyramid thingy that one of the sides of the pyramid open up... to put something in??? I dont know. I dont understand. Its junk to me. And fuck, cant he just unpack? Our stuff came up 3 1/2 weeks ago. Sheesh. Disgusting.)

I'm kinda laughing rite now. If he ever found out i wrote that he said that...

And then Kandee the makeup artist wrote a blog called Are you hurting or Sad? Except, I follow her on facebook too. So I saw it on my phone this morning when I checked my facebook. And then online again when I got online. And then on here where I follow her on blogger. And dangitall. She's so crazy beautiful. Some people just hit the nail on the head.
People like this have invigorated my frkn LOVE of makeup.

Once upon a time, my exhusband had gotten me the most beautiful little zippy car, a hyundai accent, and then it was stolen. and then stripped. and then set on fire. (i swear we lived in a decent-ish neighborhood... perhaps it was my drug-dealing husband's doings???... we'll never know) So like $200 worth of Avon was *POOF* gone. And 4 pairs of Docs. And allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll my makeup. Now technically.. I dont wear makeup.... except when i do. And lately, ive been feelin sooo bleh. i just want to wear makeup! i used to do drugs. i used to hang out a wee bit in the Hollywood scene. one of my partners in crime had an in at Sebastian makeup (Trucco makeup). we used to get the hookup. i had SOOO much makeup. and even then i only wore it cuz i'd look like hell on wheels not wearing it next to my glamoricious gang. even my coworker used to mock me over my full line of MAC brushes, despite my otherwise grungy shell.

And now the bf's saying, i CAN go to school in January.... I mean ONE of us needs to... We'll be poor and destitute forever... But maybe I can just get a job until then ? And Maybe I can just work at where he started working? U know. The place with the HUGE turnover rate? I love his suggestions..
Me now.... Maybe me in the future? ... <--yes i know who that is hee hee
A haiku is a japenese style poem. It goes 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables.
My life sucks right now
School means 40 bucks an hour
Rent might get paid then
Kids always wants things
Nothing is ever enough
I'm for sure going insane
Boyfriend says loves me
Driving me crazy slowly
I question his love


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