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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tamed Tuesday

Today I woke up feeling better than usual.
I've discovered we can't "afford" for me to go back to school to be a nurse, so I'll have to return to the lame-o Rat Race, looking for a job (any job!!) that I'll be miserable at for a very long time and will never be able to take the next step in life.
Sadder note: Maybe can't dye my hair pink? Still debating.
You know what would be cool? If I could get a cool job, like this girl here who just started working at a sex shop. Wicked.

Something to be happy about: Just checked the menu, and tonight is Tuna Helper!! Yay!! No slaving away for me tonight!!

The child has met another friend (they only last her about a day or two, max) and is, of course, infatuated with spending every moment over there. Her parents are church-goers, which means that maybe soon we will be too. yay.

I feel so edgy and yucks. And I cannot afford to buy that stupid Wellbutrin, so that shit's just not gonna happen. And everyone's just gonna hafta get over it. I'm a bitch. Oh well. Winter's gonna be rough, that's all.

The boyfriend's best friend keeps spending dollars at work on candy, which of course is toootally just upsetting the boyfriend.... I have no money for my bills, let alone laundry money... Last night I curled my hair. Nobody noticed.

I discovered haikus. But am too lazy to actually employ them. But just so you know, I am in love with them, and do plan on utilizing them in the future.

The boyfriend skipped around a conversation about us getting married this morning. Sigh. It must be love. So I looked online and found another dress. It's not my fault. It fell into my browser. Let's all pray that he's secretly saving up for a beautiful engagement ring, and not another dungeons & dragons toy.


Captain Dumbass said...

Something in my brain just doesn't process haikus.

Darcy said...

what is haikus?

Farmers Wife said...

Thanks for following my blog and I love that you swear, I look forward to getting to know you mate!!

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