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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nothin positive here...

I have hate. And so much more so. I am so sick. I have been sick for awhile now. It sucks so bad.

Apparently, when one is sick, it can appear as if one is NOT sick, and hence everyone around you just thinks you're lazy and should be awakened at all hours of the day and night.

My boyfriend's best friend moved out. Like left 15 minutes ago. Quit his job and moved out. Back to good ole Cali. "Oh Melissa, don't worry. You move up here with your daughter and we'll take care of you and we'll all live together and work everything out and everything will be okay."

The only thing I know is I need to teach my daughter NOW that NO MAN ever tells the truth EVER. In fact, I think it's already too late as she's already 11 years old. I should've started when she was born. How could I have known?? I had no clue men were such bold faced liars.

Oh P.S., My boyfriend says I'm passive-aggressive. I feel bad. That's just a horrible mental-health term for BITCH. And God... He's right.

Don't get me wrong. He deserves it. He's an idiot who befriends ex-girlfriends on Yahoo Connections ("Honey I was trying to DELETE them from my yahoo messenger!"), and even he fell prey to his best friend's MAN-lie about staying here and helping out... you know... with things of semi-importance... like bills... and food... and RENT.

I've been a ungodly psychotic beast, but I've been in agonizing pain with this non-swine flu... It sucks. The apartment is a nightmarish mess... if burglars came in right now, they'd just turn around.. like oh hell no we're not searching thru that mess! (Not to worry tho-- we've got a security guard just in case: See pic of seriously fierce doggies!!)

I don't have money to wash clothes (seriously oregon.. $2 a load???), so kira and i are down to are laaaaaaaast options...... here's a funny post by Don't Make Drugs on how to do laundry... SO reminds me of my idiotic boyfriend.
One positive note: Boyfriend and I can have our OWN room. (Kid will have HER own room!)
Down side: We may not even LAST long enough to get all our stuff moved over into the room....
(cue sad music)
(I know I know... I need to pick everything up.. be the damn savior... boyfriend's struggling at work and is working serious overtime now to make up for nobody else bringing any income in... i just seriously bombed a choice job interview... we're now short a car... Somebody better start prayin')
OH and how funny is it that Cake Wrecks were on the front page of Yahoo news all day today?? So awesome press!!! Except... they posted a post... and then took it down? Was it due to the media? Who knows! Comedy!!!


Stacy said...

Sounds like u should have hitched a ride back to Cali with the roommate, then ditched him when u got there. IT's true- men lie but there r plenty of good ones out there too. Maybe when u least expect it (like doing laundry) you will meet a good one. The boyfriend sounds like he trying but he would have married you already if he wanted to. My advise- pick up your daughter and take care of the 2 of you- screw the boyfriend.
I have really enjoyed your blog, keep writing.

Farmers Wife said...

Yes I agree, keep writing your thoughts down...

Melissa Mescalero said...

I love you.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is interesting! I decided to follow you!

Secretia (come and visit)

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