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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Exercise is for the motivated

I tried laaaame EA Active yesterday.... First the thigh holster would NOT stay on!!! I had to practically cut off circulation to keep it on. Then I took off my pants (my boyfriend just does the whole thing naked), and had it strapped to my bare leg. Not so wonderful. Then tried to do the 2nd exercise: Squats. But if you don't do the squat deep enough, it doesn't acknowledge it.
So I quit it. But I do have to find some way to exercise.. seeing as how I'm not so good at the whole diet thing... barely have enough money to buy groceries for dinner...

Update @ 3:45 pm.... I found some videos online... discovered free workout videos (good ones by Spark People) on Youtube....
However..... I feel like it's going to take me DAYS to work up to this.... I could only complete about 4 minutes of one and one minute of another....


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