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Friday, February 26, 2010

No Awards here

Well, the crazy news is: child has entered an inpatient psych hospital.

I keep saying it's the best thing and that we FINALLY got her help.

Of course, I cried a lot tonight. She kicked me out of visiting her.
I hafta drive over bridges to see her, thru an hour's worth of traffic.

I know that doesn't mean a lot to an 11 year old.

She just wanted to get back to the kids to watch Barnyard.

She demands I come all the time, but insults living with me. (I'm "mean". It's so laughable. She gets away with everything, just because she's such a tyrant and everything MUST end up her way. She TOTALLY is like the Queen of Hearts. I'M Alice.)

I know it's not personal.

I hope everything turns out okay.
It's just hard to see lights at ends of tunnels.


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